This call was essential for my family and I to get on the same page with what Hershey was experiencing, and what the best decision was moving forward...[it] was invaluable to our decision making.

~ The Fiera Family
Pet euthanasia near me

At this moment, you may be unsure of what the next move is or what the “right” thing to do is. You’ve probably read everything you can find online, watched videos, and written down what your veterinarian said at your last visit. If you feel like you need guidance, you’re not sure if you’re ready for euthanasia, or simply need to talk to someone about it, we’re here for you.

What to expect from telehospice

During a telehospice session, you will speak directly with a Lap of Love doctor over the phone or on Zoom for about 30 minutes. During your call, we'll go over many different ways your pet's quality of life can be addressed, ensuring you and your family leave your time with us confident about what the next step is.

Telehospice sessions help answer questions like these:

  • Should my pet be taken to a veterinary or emergency clinic?
  • What environmental changes can be made to make my pet more comfortable?
  • How can I determine my pet's quality of life on my own?
  • What happens to pets that experience this disease?
  • How do I encourage normal behavior in my pet (e.g., eating or drinking)?
  • When is the right time to consider euthanasia?
  • How do I plan for euthanasia?
  • How can I prepare for the loss of my pet?
  • How can I get the help I need after my loss?

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*Disclaimer: Without conducting an in-person physical examination, our telehospice service cannot diagnose, treat, or prevent disease, illness, or pain. Our purpose is to provide general guidance for concerned pet parents.

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